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Boardroom&Beyond Podcast

Oct 31, 2021

In this episode, Lyndsey talks with Advocate (Adv.) Selebalo Ntepe, the Deputy Chairman of the Institute of Directors Lesotho.

Advocate (Adv.) Selebalo Ntepe was part of a team of Corporate Governance practitioners which developed Lesotho’s first governance code, the Mohlomi Corporate Governance Code. He was entrusted to present the highlights of code during its international launch in August 2021.  

Their conversation of this episode covers topics regarding Lesotho’s economy, culture, corporate governance landscape, the role of Lesotho’s culture in its first set of corporate governance code, and how the corporate governance code will impact different stakeholders, and the tops places to go in Lesotho……

Conversation Highlights

  • Brief overview about Lesotho’s economy (5:40)

  • Lesotho’s main business relationships with multinational companies from the west and from China (9:00)

  • Top governance challenges in local government organizations, which might be overcome with the guidance from the newly launched Corporate Governance Code? (12:40)

  • What is the role of Lesotho’s culture in the development of Lesotho corporate governance code with the corporate governance challenges of multinational companies and local SOEs (17:40)

  • How does the board of director of the biggest milling company looks like? Board committees, board functions, board members, professionalism, etc.? What are the strength and weakness of this company’s board? (23:00)

  • The trend of corporate governance practice development for business in Lesotho in the next 5-10 years, which the new CG code (29:00)

  • Advices for Chinese multinational companies’ African operation to improve their corporate governance and business practice (37:00)

Guest Contact Info.:

Selebalo Ntepe: