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Boardroom&Beyond Podcast

Mar 14, 2022

In this episode, Lyndsey talks with Rosa Zeegers, Partner of Newport LLC, a Marketing & Branding Strategist and Transformational Global Business Executive. Rosa had successfully led global Fortune 500 brands and businesses in various industries, ranging from Consumer Goods (Unilever), to Airlines (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines), Toys & Entertainment (Mattel), Retail (Justice) and Publishing, Events & Entertainment (National Geographic), to new growth levels.

Their conversation of this episode is about Branding Strategy and how some world-class companies transform ESG integration into business branding opportunities…

Conversation Topics with timestamps:

Consumer / Create needs for consumer / making money out of it

  • Rosa’s experiences - “Must-Listen” companies’ marketing & branding stories (2:00)

(Unilever, Barbie, National Geographic ……)

  • Transaction ready consulting roles with family business focus (12:00)

  • Corporate Branding vs. Consumer Branding (15:00)

  • Rosa’s 4-step Branding strategy Recipe (20:00)

  • Is ESG integration a motivation for companies to modify their Branding strategy? How? (26:00)

  • Are companies make ESG integration for reputation risk mitigation? Or new business opportunities? (31:00)

  • How will the young generations influence business Branding strategy? (35:00)

  • How do companies translate ESG implementation to a successful Branding strategy? (40:00)