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Boardroom&Beyond Podcast

Feb 14, 2021

In this episode, Lyndsey talks with Agnes Tai, Senior Partner of Yaozhi Asset Management International and an ESG thought leader. And Agnes has been a sustainable investor for many years.

Conversation of this episode is focusing on how government, local organizations and investors drive ESG movement in major Asian finance hubs.

Conversation Highlights

  • How Agnes started Sustainable Investment and latest career with Yaozhi Asset Management (1:30)

  • Different terms – responsible investing, sustainable investing, impact investing, ESG (3:30)

  • PRI signatories rapid increasing in Asian countries
  • Growing Number of PRI signatories in different Asian countries (3:30)
  • Sustainable investing growing trend (9:45)

  • How Asian countries governments drive ESG PRI signatories?
    • Major Asian countries’ ESG engagement status (12:10)
    • Transparency and disclosure are the key for effective ESG enforcement (14:20)
    • Asian countries are racing for leading roles in ESG and sustainable reporting (16:00)

  • How Asian asset management firms influence ESG performance? (17:35)
    • Long-term value creating for portfolio companies (18:10)
    • Japan Case study (JPIF) started sustainable pension fund in 2016

  • How Asian investors weight financial return vs. ESG performance? (25:30)
    • MSCI China ESG Index show good ESG performance leads to high financial return (26:10)
    • HK Fund manager code of conduct regulation in the next 12 months (28:00)
    • MSCI new reports focus on E and S factors (29:00)

Guest Contact Information

Agnes K Y Tai